Welcome To Global Research Centre

The aims of this research centre are as follows :

A . Marketing Research
B . Social Research
C . Educational Research
Study on educative issues.
Engage in scholarly researches.
Conduct researches about the education system of Hong Kong-educational researches on curriculum reform in Hong Kong, Liberal Studies, educational administration and policy, educational reforms, school-based management, comparative education, educational leadership, teacher quality and empowerment, quality assurance of the school, classroom interaction, whole-person development and life-long learning.
Promote an understanding of the Hong Kong educational context-Hong Kong education system, kindergarten education, primary school education, secondary school education, post-secondary education, higher education, pre-associate degree programme, associate degree programme, university education, university and school partnership, adult education, continuing education, curriculum development, School Management Committee, teacher development, teacher training and information technology in education.
Produce high quality research outputs within the focus areas.
Disseminate information on some research projects to the Hong Kong Education Bureau,universities and the public.
Maintain and develop close links with school communities, education professions, the general community and universities.
D . Provide consultancy.
E . Deliver Workshops.
F . Engage in educational development activities.